Akashic Records

“The idea of the human experience is to become in the physical the perfect self that already exists in the Akasha at the soul level.”  

- Linda Howe (Author, How to Read the Akashic Records)

Accessing your Akashic Records is like tapping into an all-knowing wisdom, Infinite Love, and knowledge of everything that has ever happened and is happening with your soul. It is an extremely high vibrational reading. When we access the Akashic Records, it not only has the ability to heal the deepest parts of you, but also serves as a "ripple effect" for healing in your every day future life experiences! 

Discover and expand your soul's knowledge for living your best life!

Some Examples of Subjects for Akashic Records Readings: 

- Heal Unexplained Phobias

- Heal a Troubled Relationship

- What is my life purpose? 

- Should I open a new business?

- Is this relationship healthy for me? 

- Discover past life talents, to bring them into your current life

- Heal soul and/or ancestral families

- Find out answers to dominant questions for you in this lifetime

... And MORE!