Jerri Lynn Ayer, Valencia, CA

"Tina is truly amazing! She is so gifted! Not only with humans but also animals! She did an Emotion Code session on my dog Dodger who is 9 years old and the change in him has been incredible! He is back to acting like a little puppy again!!! This morning he was so feisty and so excited for Christmas he wanted to open all the presents and just play and play!! It's truly amazing how he has come around and has more energy and a love for life again!! Thank you, Tina for giving us our Good Old Boy back!!!"

Alexander Kriech, Sioux Falls, ND

"My last session with Tina was incredible - she spat out incredibly specific information (how did she know?!). Tina is talented, connected, humble, and loving. I left feeling super light and, well, KNOWN. On a deep level. Tina is the real deal, I'm happy to call her a friend and look forward to working with her in the future."

Lynn Val, Valencia, CA

"Tina is authentic, gifted, gentle, and truly been a blessing! I couldn’t recommend anyone else. I’d vouch for her anyday ❤️"

Joely Lupo, Los Angeles, CA

"Tina is an absolute angel of light & love!!  Her intuition is always spot on, she’s an accomplished healer and medium. I’ve received energy healings from Tina, messages from spirit and passed loved ones as well confirmation on next steps in my journey from her angel cards. I highly recommend Tina as a source of insight and healing in your journey."

Sarah Lawrence, Gilbert, AZ

"Tina is an Earth Angel and has an amazing gift to convey the Love and messages from our angels. I was validated and healed so much I highly recommend all her services! Im so honored to be on the journey with you, Soul Sister" ♡

Sarah Nessl, Mission Viejo, CA

"Gunny is my German Shepherd. He is my third child and the love of my life. As with most dog owners, Gunny is a part of my family and I can always tell when something is off. What I am unable to do is speak with him like Tina can. In one instance Tina recommended an immediate trip to the vet for what she saw as a stomach problem. I told the vet exactly what she said and he did an X-ray that revealed a "shoulder" bone stuck right  before the entrance to his stomach. Another time some simple allergy meds and cream did the trick. 

Tina's ability to communicate with him from a distance is a constant source of amazement and I'm so grateful she's in our lives. Thank you for listening, Tina."